View Full Version : Grilled cheese buffet - How to satisfy GC wants?

18th Jan 2009, 2:49 PM
Hello, I've recently uploaded a grilled cheese buffet (http://www.modthesims2.com/download.php?t=315203), planning on using it to satisfy the wants of lots of grilled cheese sims at the same time. Only, there's a problem - it doesn't satisfy any wants, including the simple "eat grilled cheese" one.
How could I sort this out so that my item finally does what it was made for? (if I have to ditch the base game compatibility to reach that goal, so be it)

18th Jan 2009, 11:39 PM
[Thread moved to "Object Creation - Modding": the Repair Service is reserved to the creators that provide a faulty package]

I suggest to clone and examine the code for the grilled cheese food: it should contain the reference to the wants you are looking for. Consider anyway that these wants were created with Nightlife, and therefore your modified buffet table won't be compatible with the base game any more (unless you include a check for the existance of NL, of course).

EDIT - For the "Serve Grilled Cheese" want:
[prim 0x007C] Want Satisfy (Target: Stack Object ID 0x0000,
Want: 0x4F978C23,
(optional) Want level: Stack Object ID 0x0000)
Opcodes: 030B00238C974F0A00000A0000000000

Note: the Stack Object is supposed to be the object ID of the served food (that doesn't exist in this case); maybe it will work even if the StObj is the buffet table?

EDIT AGAIN: As for the "Eat Grilled Cheese" want, you should examine the BHAV 0x206C from the FoodDish_Globals: it contains all the wants for eating food, including the grilled cheese (it also checks if the food was good, spoiled or burnt).

19th Jan 2009, 12:21 AM
Wow. Uh... *puzzled look*

I have no idea what I just read. I think I should gather a little BHAV knowledge before attempting that tweaking!