View Full Version : Double doors do not close on both sides SOLVED

20th Dec 2008, 6:19 PM
I am working on creating a double door based on the Mauritania door - but I noticed a couple of odd things.

1) When the door is on a foundation the left side door once opened (as you look at the door from the outside of the building) does not close. I guessed that I must have made a mistake in the mesh/footprint so tested with a Maxis original. It does the same thing. I have a 1 tile range around the door with no walls or windows, and the foundation extends on a 2 tile radius around the door.

2) Using the same set up as above with my door and Maxis originals - if a door is opened and the sim is directed to go to the square directly next to the open door the Sim walks through the not yet closed open door. This happens on both sides.

Obviously, this is not good for the illusion, so I wondered if there was anything I could change to make the door behave on a foundation the way it does when placed directly on the ground?

21st Dec 2008, 2:37 AM
Not sure what you mean.

I've seen doors not closing before, and found that something fixed to the ceiling is the cause.

21st Dec 2008, 10:03 AM
Hi Tuna

you mean like a light? That is daft (from Maxis) - but I will check - told you I was the worlds worst tester!

Tuna you were right - stupid light!!!! Thank you, now door can be released on unsuspecting simmers! Whoo!