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16th Dec 2008, 6:11 PM
Hey, I want to make a mod with objects for the sims 2 giving the sims 2 a rpg fighting element. I'm pretty positive this can be done, infact there WAS a mod for a sword in which you can pick up the sword and kill other sims with it or sword fight ect but I can't find it anywhere. Well, I want to make moded objects like that only a little diffrent:

I'm not relly worried about meshing and animations I already know how to learn how to do those things I have some expeirence with animations and meshing for sims 2. What I really want to know is how do I script what the objects do? Or how do I figure out how to do that?

This is what I want to do:


the sword can be used to sword fight with other sims if they do not have a sword in hand or a shield or any other weapon besides a bow or crossbow or gun ect they will be vilnerable to any attack made by that sim with the sword.

When a sim attacks another sim with the sword instead of the sim who got attacked instantly dieing I just want it to decrease the sims needs really badley say if 3 hits from a sword itl decrease the sims needs to the point to where the sim died from the needs being too low.


Same as sword only it still leaves you vulnerable to melee attacks but you can attack another sim from range without being close to them. Ofcourse a ranged weapon and a bladed weapon will do more damage then a blunt weapon such as a staff


the staff can hit close range and guard from melee attacks. It can also hit from far range but it doesnt do as much dmg as a bow or gun would. eg magic dmg

what the staff can also do is inflict diffrent states on a sim, such as sick, sleep, body oder, hunger, burning, death, food poisoning(if theres a such thing) ect. Just about any physical state a sim can have the staff can inflict it on a sim.

Scepter/Holy Staff

same as staff only instead of having long ranged attacks and state inflictions, instead it can recover certain needs thus healing damage. Example if a sim got hit with a sword and has really low needs from being hit by it the holy staff/scepter can raise those stats thus healing the damage caused bythe sword.

And it can also remove physical states such as hunger, sickness, sleep(wakes them up), and even can revive a sim after they died (if they revive them before death takes them away if possible)


All the shield does is greatly reduce the dmg caused by melee and ranged dmg except ranged dmg caused by staffs. Maybe you could attack with it to but not really important to do that.

I realize you can do most of these htings just with ingame feuatures and cheats but I still would think it would be cool to have these rpg fighting elements in the sims. Would be pretty cool wouldnt it?

Anyway, I'm not asking for a request, just where I should get started learning about modding object functions to do these things. I think I can figure out the meshing and animations. But it's not like i can search for "Sims 2 object modding functions" or something. I aready tried doesn't find anything relevant.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

16th Dec 2008, 6:17 PM
Start with Echo's BHAV tutorial to learn the basics. She's also got another tutorial that goes into more advanced stuff. Dig up any and all information you can find on BHAVs. Look at any and all hacked objects you can get your hands on to see how they're done - Paladin at SimWardrobe has made a ton of kind of similar stuffs (holdable objects with interactions) which would be good to look at. Figure out how they work based on the basic knowledge you'll get from tutorials, and experimenting. None of the things you want to do is going to be simple, so it's going to take a lot of work and research on your part to get your skills up to a level where you'll be ready to attempt any of that.

3rd Jan 2009, 10:50 PM
You must be a Fable player!

You read my mind!!!!!!

I hope you do this!!!!!!

Go! nazra7 Go! :cheers:

Oh, the star trek guy made klingon weapons on this site too...

4th Jan 2009, 10:09 AM
That is a great idea! I was thinking of that myself!

If you ever need help, you can PM me. I've been writing Sims 2 BHAVs for a while now.