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15th Dec 2008, 8:26 PM
I'm working on an object that's cloned from a crib, and I would like it to be usable only by infants - it would look extremely wrong being used by toddlers.

I'm assuming this is somehow done with BHAVs, but my BHAV skills are rusty and were never up to that level even when they were shiny and new... Can someone point me in the direction of what I need to change to restrict my crib so it's usable only by infants, not toddlers?

16th Dec 2008, 9:53 AM
I had a look in the crib; in the BHAV "be tested interaction cancel" if you look at line 4 - and view BHAV and then in the viewed BHAV line 2 View BHAV and then in that BHAV line 2 "person age" set true to 5 I think that might work.

16th Dec 2008, 11:00 AM
The quick and dirty way? My dead reckoning says...

Import these from CribGlobals:
Pie menu functions
Pie menu strings
2003: Interaction - Put in crib - Test
2009: Put in crib - Test - Action Strings
Make sure "Fix Package References" is checked before you hit OK.

Fix the group on the pie menu files to 0xFFFFFFFF

Go into "Put In Crib - Test - Action Strings"
Find this line:
[global 0x0152] Age - Sims Age == Param 1? (2 args:
Sim ID=Stack Object ID 0x0000,
Person Age=Const 0x0110:0x00 ("Toddler" Value: 0x0002))

make its True target point to false.

I haven't tried any of this. I haven't even looked that closely... But that's what I'd try if I were trying to do that! ;)

16th Dec 2008, 11:09 AM
Hi echo

That is interesting - I did not know you could add the pie menu functions and do it like that.

16th Dec 2008, 6:06 PM
Yay, thanks very much! I've got the object and texturing almost done so I shall try this very soon. Sounds relatively easy, and I think the noob tutorial should be enough for me to review to get all the gubbins in that I need. :)