View Full Version : [Solved] Need help with autonomy issues - Much Needed

22nd Nov 2008, 4:32 AM
I believe that my already created object will work best if people are CONSTANTLY referencing it

I created this cloned TV and shortly released it on MTS2 but had to fix a lot of fiixes. The TV allowed any playable sim whether pet, visitor, baby, or whatever to max out their skills and needs no matter where they were or what they were doing (on lot) without interrupting them at all

This TV was fully tested on my 2 computers (testing and ordinary) and worked perfectly. I then came to wanting my employees at my business on the game to be fully rejuvenated but I just wan them to naturally become rejuvenated as I want people just to choose the option not me having to play them.

I am a game programmer and modder for other games so I can fully understand that lockup's and other can result but I need to test this for myself because this would be a lifesaver to everyone if the sims were always being rejuvenated anywhere on lot including my customers and my 24 hour business

There aren't any actions or animations involved so it's literally not interrupted to what they're doing but still is an option

So to skip you having to read anymore
I need to know how to make the sims "always" reference it like every second and visitors and pet's as well

so that would be autonomy... Help much apriciated so I can move on with this project

22nd Nov 2008, 11:05 PM
To fix Autonomy issue for my case make all motives 0x0064 including delta but setting no type (0x0000). For others simply chage the 0x0064 or (100) to the desired value that would trigger the action where 100 means alway's