View Full Version : How to translate hacked objects in other language?

15th Nov 2008, 2:27 PM
I'm sorry if I posted this question in wrong forum or if same question already exist and my blind eyes didn't see it)
I've got permission from some creators to translate their hacked objects in russian and post it in my site, but some of them i can't actually translate(
Like i understand, translation i have to write in SimPe in Pie menu strings, but i can't find some options there so objects appear in game only half-translated :(
Maybe somebody can point me right tutorial for this or just tell me what to do, I'll be very grateful)
and sorry for my english (didn't use it for some years)

Inge Jones
15th Nov 2008, 2:31 PM
Sometimes the strings in TTAs are not the ones displayed to the player. You may find strings in the STR# resources that are displayed as part of the menu, especially in STR#0x12E

15th Nov 2008, 2:44 PM
Thank you for so quick reply Inge, but even in STR# don't have all strings with functions that appear in game(
Also wanted to ask how creators for example put few different languages in their hack? Today I downloaded one hacked object that in Simpe appear in english, but in game it appear in russian! I realize that I ask a lot of questions but I really want to learn all this stuff)))

Inge Jones
15th Nov 2008, 4:12 PM
Well SimPE displays the default language, which happens to be US English. To see what is in Russian, you have to use the pulldown or scroll to Russian. Mostly hackers if they can only speak one language will simply delete the other languages so everyone gets the string they entered (you can type Spanish into the US American language, delete all the others, and all players will get Spanish display!)

It is a mistake for a hacker to leave the other languages included in the package unless they have made a translation for them all, becaus that results in non-American users reading probably the old option that was there before the object was hacked.

If you wish to add Russian to a menu option that does not already have Russian, simply choose Russian in the drop-down, and start typing. Your language will be added and will be displayed to anyone else who has set Russian as their region in their operating system.

15th Nov 2008, 4:48 PM
Inge Jones thank you very much)