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3rd Nov 2008, 11:20 PM
There is one user of my object (http://www.modthesims2.com/download.php?t=304689) (my first so am v. inexperienced btw) that is having a problem that does not appear (to me anyway knowing the code inside the object) to be anything to do with my object. However they are only seeing the failure when using my object, and besides I would like to help them get to the point where they could make use of my object.

Brief summary, my object does the same job as a newspaper or computer in offering you a job. It doesn't have much code in it at all - calls Maxis call tree 'CT - Offer Job' directly. They have got their Sim a job via my object and now the Sim won't leave the house to go to the job - "just waves at her kid". See following posts on the object thread (or read from page 4 near the end):-


How should I go about diagnosing this? Can you get an error log out for this sort of thing too?

All help gratefully received.

4th Nov 2008, 1:27 AM
Like you said, obviously an error log would be the best thing (and yes, if there are things dropping out of the queue unexpectedly there's almost certainly some sort of error log happening) there are a few things you can look into...

- What career was it that caused the 'waving but no driving' bug? That can happen if a career has been hacked and is being used with the wrong EP combination.
- Do the users with the issue have a different combination of EPs to you? Is it the same combination of EPs every time?

I agree that your code is unlikely to be causing all of these issues, as there's not really much there except for stock-standard Maxis-ey call trees... The only thing odd that I can see is that the TTAB has no default autonomy, join index or model table id values set. You could try setting those, or importing a different TTAB from an object with those set and reconnecting it to your BHAVs. I don't really see how that could be causing these problems, but it is odd. :)

But yes, an error log would help *a lot*. I'll drop it in one of my testing games later and see if I can get the problem. :)

Edit: Tried it in Base + NL, no issues...

6th Nov 2008, 3:52 PM
Regarding the interaction dropping out of the queue, I noticed one thing.
Line 0x00 of the "Interaction - Get Any Job" is:
[prim 0x001B] Go To Relative Position (Location: In front of,
Direction: Opposing direction,
no failure trees: True,
allow different altitudes: False)
True target -> 0x01; False target -> False.

If the sim has problems getting in front of the board, the interaction returns False, and the sim doesn't complain about anything (see the "no failure trees: True").

I suggest that you either set it to "no failure trees: False" (changing op7 from 0x0A to 0x08), or you use a more complex routine that offers alternative routes; if one fails, another route is offered, until one is free:

Go To Relative Position (Location: In front of)
Go To Relative Position (Location: In front and to the left of)
Go To Relative Position (Location: In front and to the right of)
Go To Routing Slot (0x0000)
Go To Routing Slot (0x0001)

As for the sims not going to work, I can't see why your board should be different than a standard newspaper, considering that it uses the standard "CT - Offer Job"...

8th Nov 2008, 9:14 PM
Thanks Numenor, what you spotted has solved the main issue that a few people had seen and I have made an update to my object available.

The one user that had this weird issue is going to try with another character in her game and see if it was just that Sim which had the issue.