View Full Version : Please Help With Apartment Life Backwards Garage - Darkening Issues

22nd Oct 2008, 6:33 PM
I made backwards garage doors for Apartment Life. When the apartments are claimed and go dark, the outside of the garage doors goes black, because it thinks it is actually the inside.

In order to reverse it and make it "backwards" I took the individual north and south facing meshes in wings3d, flipped them, and switched their positions. So for example, the North facing frame gmdc actually has the mesh that would face south in it. I need to find out what tells the garage which gmdc parts are inside and which are outside, so I can switch those as well to correspond to the switched meshes....

Does that make any sense? I appreciate any hints at all, and I've included the package below if anyone wants to have a look.


22nd Oct 2008, 10:34 PM
I didn't understand exactly what you made to swp the meshes; so I compared your GMDC's with the original ones, and I discovered that the you didn't just swapped the meshes, you actually swapped the GMDC's...
For example, if I see the preview of the original "south frame", I see the (almost transparent) back of the mesh; but the preview of your "south frame" shows the front of the mesh.

I'm quite sure that the game identifies the "interior" and the "exterior" of a door looking at the GMDC names: the "south" is supposed to be outside, and the "north" inside.
What you should do is to is to:
- extract for example the north frame (in OBJ format)
- load it in Wings, save the bounding box and delete the mesh
- extract the south frame in OBJ format
- load it in Wings, rotate it by 180 and and move it to the bounding box (X and Z axis only, not Y)
- export the rotated "south frame" and import it in the "north frame" GMDC.

Repeat for all the other meshes. As for the "motor" mesh, you should find the right position yourself (btw, I don't understand if the motor, in your door, should be placed inside or outside...).

This way, I think, the game can't possibly know that you have swapped the meshes, because the original "north" and "south" orientation are kept unmodified (only the actual mesh is different).

24th Oct 2008, 7:36 AM
Thanks so much! I think that must be what I did wrong in my original backwards garage, but all it threw were shadows, so wasn't as big a deal, and when I started on this one, I took the gmdcs from that older one since the uvmaps matched and switched them into the new version, and I shouldn't have, I went back and redid it like you said, and I've got it pretty much worked out now, just have to redo a couple recolors, and .... anyway, thanks again :)