View Full Version : linking a custom controller to a custom video game system

9th Jul 2008, 6:22 PM
Does anyone know how, if possible, to link a custom controller to a custom video game system? Assume I know nothing about every step you say. Please explain to me what you mean, otherwise you'll probably lose me. :lol: I know basically how to create a default replacement and how to replace gmdcs and textures. I know the basics in other words. But i have no idea how to link one custom item to another. Much appreciated. :)

10th Jul 2008, 1:21 AM
You basically have to fix the BHAVs so that they're pointing to the correct new GUIDs. I can't really do a complete step-by-step, but it's pretty darn close to this process:

10th Jul 2008, 7:24 AM
thanks, echo. I'll do my best to sort it out. :P

Although I don't suppose you might be able to tell me which bhav I should be looking in for the controller reference?