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1st Jul 2008, 2:10 AM
I have a pesky mosquito of a problem.

I made a set of slave objects which all take their textures from one object I made. When I pull these slave objects out of the buy catalog and place them in-game, they show up fine. And when I recolor them, they also work fine.

The problem is, the thumbnails of ALL the slave objects show up blue! I've checked on everything and I cannot for the life of me figure out why.
This only happens in the buy catalog. The thumbnail image next to the description also shows up fine.

I tried deleting my thumbnails so the game can regenerate new ones, and they're still blue. I've checked my tsMaterialsMeshname entry and the SHPE entry and they seem to be in order. I'm really stumped on this one.

The attached .zip file contains one of the slave files and the master file in case anyone wants to look at them.

1st Jul 2008, 9:00 AM
In the zip I've found two files: "cmmanorkitchencabinet1.package" (that seems to be the master), and "cmmanorkitchendishes1.package" (that should be the slave). Correct?

You said you already checked the SHPE, but as usual 4 eyes look better than 2 :P -
In the Shape of both files, the Material Definition for the "dishes" subset is "##0x1c050000!cmmanorkitchencabinet1", that should be "##0x1c050000!cmmanorkitchencabinet1_dishes".

The slave object works fine when placed in game because the MMAT for the "dishes" subset is correct; but the thumbnails rely only on the SHPE (that contains the error).
Remember that the SHPE must contain the full name of the Material Definition (without the extension "_txmt"), i.e. the very same reference that you find in the master's SHPE.
The recolours, on the other hand, rely on the MMAT, too, and therefore they work fine; the only problem is in the SHPE.

Moreover, I strongly suggest to use a properly formatted Material Deinition names, when the subset is recolourable or ensalved to another subset or external object.
The proper name format is: cres_subset_colour_txmt; in your case, the TXMT "cmmanorkitchencabinet1_dishes_txmt" is incomplete, because it lack the "colour" part.

I've corrected the TXMT name (now it's "cmmanorkitchencabinet1_dishes_default_txmt"), and copied the new name into the SHPE of both the Master and the Slave.
You should write the same TXMT name into all the other slaves' SHPE. The existing recolours don't need any modifications.

2nd Jul 2008, 6:46 AM
Agh! Thank you! I knew it was something obvious that was staring me in the face.

And I'll heed your advice on the proper naming :up: