View Full Version : making non-buyable onjecys from BV buyable..how? (cant find TUT)

Night Racer
24th Jun 2008, 2:18 AM
my main goal is to take the little bowl of sea glass and make it buyable...and make recolors for it ect. but i cant find a tutorial on how to do it :wtf: i know there has to be one somwhere...right? mmm...
anyway...i assume it might be similiar to one of these tutorials right?

perhaps "re-categorize it" into decorative?

id assume this whould be the winner..even thought it involves clothes..

and please dont tell me ill have to clone it and make a new mesh or somthing...cuz i cant mesh at all (i tried..it was bad :alarm: )

24th Jun 2008, 8:24 AM
The first tutorial you mention is definitely the most suitable. Don't be scared by the word "clone" contained in the tutorial: you don't have to actually clone the object (you just make a temporary clone that you will discard soon after, and you don't have to edit the mesh or anything like that). In the tutorial thread, read post #21: it makes things easier.

The only real problem could be finding the objects to modify: since they are not in catalog, you can't select them in game.

Try activating the cheat "move_objects on", and pick up the object: the game will show its name and description (if any), and this can be useful when browsing the list in Object Workshop. Also, picking up the object forces the game to create a thumbnail for it, and this helps a lot, because most of the not-buyable items, in the Object Workshop list, don't have a thumbnail, but the ones you picked up do have it.

Remember that all the non-buyable objects can be found in the "Unknown" category, in the Object Workshop list.

Night Racer
24th Jun 2008, 9:28 AM
o wow! thanks alot numeor! this looks incredibly easy!
one part i dont get:
Save this file as YourName_BuyModeCatalogEdit and follow the install instructions here (This has a hard time installing sometimes, itís been trouble shot there already).
the package hasnt been made yet..so how can it be installed? dose she mean how a downaloader whould install it? "c>prog files>ea>----" ??? or is it diffrent?

24th Jun 2008, 3:15 PM
Why didn't you ask this to Phaenoh herself? She's a very nice person, I'm rather confident she won't bite you :lol:

Anyway, in step 4 you have to create a blank new package (File -> New), then you add the previously extracted files, and then you "Save as..." the package, assigning the name you like: Phaenoh suggests something like "YourName_BuyModeCatalogEdit", and also suggests to save the package in the "StuffPack" folder that you can find/create following the instructions in the separate thread.