View Full Version : Need help replacing LGHT files

24th Mar 2008, 12:03 PM
Hi all,

after spending many hours breaking this object, reading the modding infocenter thread on LGHT files and feeling stupid, maybe someone can help me out here.

what i'm trying to do is make this lamp, cloned from a regular basegame lamp, cast the same light as the Green recolour of the Lunatech Light Disc, which is a nice greenish glow.
So i extracted the LGHT file from the Lunatech Light Disc, put it in my lamp and change the filename and cLightT name to match mine and deleted the old LGHT file.
Testing that gave me the 'old' colonial light glow ingame.

On to the cres, where i replaced the reference line and changed the cShapeRefNode and cLightRefNode to refer (i hope) to the nightclub lamp.
Doing that breaks the ability of my lamp to cast *any* light.

Now, i know i'm missing something really stupid here, but i can't find what.
Could someone help?

12th Apr 2008, 1:57 PM
I found out that the CRES was pointing to the wrong LGHT filename, so I double checked it using the Scenegrapher and fixed it myself. Note to others: make sure your CRES filenames point to the right files - it's not enough to make the TGI references work!