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19th Jan 2008, 6:45 PM
Hey everyone:

I can't seem to figure this one out. I'm creating a repository and slave object. I have used this technique alot, and have always had great success..............but only when the slave and repository object have the same subset names. I am trying to link a one tile door to a two tile arch. I have followed JWoods tutorial (and know it by heart now....lol). These two objects have different subset names. In the game, the texture is fine, the two tile arch IS using the texture for the one tile door............BUT it is not designable, I guess that is what I cannot figure out is how to enable the slave object. As mentioned, it does work perfectly for me when the subset names are the same between the slave and the repository, even when the subset names are different, the texture is there, but it's not designable.

-I have changed the subset name in the GMND to match the repository object.
-the slave object does have its own unique GUID
-The slave's tsNoShadow has been changed to the new subset name
-The slave's tsMaterialsMeshName has the repositorys cOjectGraphNode name WITHOUT the "_cres" on it.

It all looks good, but not designable.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :D

19th Jan 2008, 7:42 PM
In my opinion, and experience, the same subsets names is a "condicio sine qua non" to get the repository technique works fine.
And this why in the MMATs of the master are recall the subsets names of the master, and the slave object can't use them: if they have a different name they can't override; the slave object can't find other recolour than the main from the shape, it is not designable (even if you can use the same TXMT in the shape that recall the main texture of the master, but it can not override from other recolour).
You have to change the subsets names and use the same for both.

19th Jan 2008, 8:10 PM
The subset names are the same (if I understand). I'm using the "Open Sesame Door" as my repository object which has the subset "cadoor", and using the VIP Arch as my slave which has the subset name "door". I have changed the subset name in the VIP arch to "cadoor" (as indicated in the tutorial), so they both are the same. Is this what you mean?

Thanks MaryLou

19th Jan 2008, 8:14 PM
I absolutely second what MaryLou said, and I was wondering: why have you set the subsets (in the repository and slave) to different names? Perhaps one of the two objects was not made by you, and you can't modify it?

When dealing with third-party objects (including the Maxis ones), remember that not all of them are suitable to work as repository or slave. For example, if the subset name contains an underscore, there is no way to use it as part of a repository/slave set.

EDIT: You posted while I was writing :) Now I understand better.
Yes, changing "door" to "cadoor" should work.

19th Jan 2008, 8:51 PM
Hi Numenor:

Thanks for your reply!

I have changed the "door" to "cadoor", but it tell's me it is still not designable.

The two files are as follows:

Repository (Open Sesame Door) GMDC = cadoor
Slave (VIP Arch) GMDC = was wood, changed to cadoor
Repository SHPE Subset name = cadoor, material definition file = ##0x1C050000!simnutsitalian1storydoor2tile_cadoor_bluedoor
Slave SHPE Subset name = was wood, changed to cadoor, material definition file = ##0x1C050000!simnutsitalian1storydoor2tile_cadoor_bluedoor
Slave TXMT (now this could be where my problem is......light just went on!) = have the alpha shadow and the wall mask files from the VIP Arch (Mayby the wall mask files need to be gone too?)
Slave MMAT = none
Slave TXTR = shadow and mask files only (mask files should be gone?)
Repository SHPE material definition file = ##0x1C050000!simnutsitalian1storydoor2tile_cadoor_bluedoor
Slave SHPE material definition file = ##0x1C050000!simnutsitalian1storydoor2tile_cadoor_bluedoor

This is the enabling the Slave Object part (which does not work so far)

Slave cExtension block list 0x3 = cadoor (use to be wood)
Slave tsNoShadow block list 0x4 = cadoor (use to be wood)
Slave tsMaterialsMeshName block list 0x2 = cadoor (use to be wood) string = ##0x1c050000!simnutsitalian1storydoor2tile
Repository CRES cObjectGraphNode = ##0x1c050000!simnutsitalian1storydoor2tile_cres

As mentioned, the texture from the repository is applied to the arch, but not designable. I'm not sure what I'm missing, these are the steps from the tutorial which I've gone over quite a few times.

Thanks again!

EDIT: I did try it without the wallmasks (TXMT and TXRT), but you do need them! ;)

19th Jan 2008, 11:16 PM
Ehmmm These blocks list in effect are useless....... by the way leave them as you have changed if you are not able to delete block from the GMND without get a crash in the game.
Slave cExtension block list 0x3 = cadoor (use to be wood)
Slave tsNoShadow block list 0x4 = cadoor (use to be wood)

It seems, that you have forgotten one of the most important block to enable the recolour:

This must be inside the both GMND: repository and slave with this value:

Name: tsDesignModeEnabled ( on the left box)
in the box Items:
cadoor=(Arrey) 0 items.

If you don't have this block list....... you have to add it.
So, now add a new block is not really easy, and you have a block that is useless..... we can change it ;)

So open the block cExtension block list 0x3:
- change the "cadoor" on the left with tsDesignModeEnabled,
- delete all the string inside the box "Items", to delete, select each string and press the write "delete" on the bottom right
- in the pull-down menu on the bottom right (over "delete") select "Array" and then click "Add": anew array string will add in the tab "Items"
- now select the new empty string and in the form "Name" (on the right) write cadoor
- Commit and save

You should get something like you can see in the screen.

You have to make this in both the files.

EDIT:the wallmasks (TXMT and TXRT) about the slave object are required, and they are NOT to be slave of anything, they should be autonomous. The shadows perhaps can borrow the same texture... it be due to their shape and uv map, in this case you have to use the same txmt, for both the files, in the shape for the subset shadow but they don't need to be recolourable, otherwise they can be autonomous like the wallmasks.

19th Jan 2008, 11:36 PM
MaryLou.................THANK YOU! That did the trick!

I did not even think of the tsDesignModeEnabled block. That was still set to "wood", made the changes as you mentioned, and it is now designable!!

Grazie ancora per tutti che aiutiate! Realmente lo apprezzo. :)

21st Jan 2008, 12:27 PM
Hi, Someone PM'ed me and told me that they tried to recolour my ShabbyChic Style changing table and said it kept coming up "Not Designable Object " .
I don't understand why this would happen in a change table!
I have followed maryLou's instructions and I am awaiting on the person to re-test the change table.
Hopefully it works, does anyone know why this sort of thing happens?
is there something I may have done that would cause
"Not Designable Object " to come up?

21st Jan 2008, 2:36 PM
Rosaline, I have downloaded your files , and there is an error inside the MMAT of the changetable and the rug.

1)Open your file "shabbychic_mesh_changetablebyrosaline.package":
Your master GUID is 0x003C0320, the OBJD "Changing Table" without any coordinates.
Look at in the MMAT, there is the wrong GUID 0x003C0322, change with your master, commit and save.

2)Open the file "shabbychicrug_mesh_byrosaline.package"
Your master GUID is 0x003C031B, again the OBJD without any coordinates.
In the MMAT there is the wrong GUID 0x003C031D, chage with the right, commit and save.

This was happened why you, probably, have clicked the button "Update" MMATs and commit for all the OBJDs.
You have to click the "Update" MMATs and commit ONLY for your master GUID, and NOT for all the GUIDs: for the others click ONLY commit.

21st Jan 2008, 11:01 PM
Thanks MaryLou, this is strange, I know in the first one it would not suprise me if I have updated MMATS for all the OBJDs, but I was sure I did not in the fixed file
As I followed a tutorial when rebuilding it to also make sure I did not miss anything.

I did not release the rug was also having errors, thanks for looking at it for me, I will let you know how I go.

26th Jan 2008, 6:58 AM
thank you,thank you,thank you,thank
worked a charm.
But I ended up rebuilding it again anyway because I had to get it to have recolour options :)