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6th Sep 2007, 2:01 AM
I could use some advice as I've run into a fairly bizarre problem I can't explain with an object I'm working on at the moment. Bar Stools in general seem to be a pain because they don't automatically place themselves under counters in the way that dining chairs do, I forget between each one I make what process I used last time to get them to work is part of the problem!

Anyway the issue I've encountered this time in trying to get my bar stool to behave itself is that a) a regular obj. import loses the tuck in under counter animation b) using the unimesh tool makes my game crash and now c) using the mesh tool 3D view to replace the individual parts - which I sworn I've done successfully in the past, now for some odd reason attachs the cushion to the Sim as they move around. Not just when they're sitting on the thing, but when they're moving around the lot doing other things.

I have no idea how to unravel this problem so I'd be grateful of some input from anyone who might have a clue what I've messed up in this instance!

Inge Jones
6th Sep 2007, 10:25 AM
I think you do have to use the Unimesh exporter for this object because of the animations, so that means trying to find out why it's crashing. Maybe an idea to post in the Unimesh thread itself?

You've probably already tried this, but clone again from the start, export in unimesh, and make just some tiny little change in the mesh and import the 5gd again. Just change the GUID so it does't get mixed up with the original - but *not* to the *same* GUID as the one that was crashing. Put it in your game and see if it crashes it again. Don't do any further work to it until it passes this test ok. I was just thinking it may be that once you had messed the mesh by exporting obj, it never really got fixed again, and if you already had your previous test in the lot, you might have accidentally renamed the mesh parts after that, which is why I said use a different GUID.

6th Sep 2007, 1:47 PM
Thanks Inge I'll give that a try. Its just frustrating because I'm quite convinced that I've not used the Unimesh before for bar stools but they have previously worked! Anyway, I doubt its a Unimesh problem, its way more likely to be me being retarded, I just need to figure out how or my poor kitchen set is a no-go!

6th Sep 2007, 3:41 PM
Argh! I've tried to post this about 4 times! See if this one is the charm!

I can tell you that I didn't accidentally export from Milkshape as an .obj file instead of using the Unimesh export because there is no .obj file in my working folder. The test stool works properly with no crashing or other oddnesses so clearly I've broken something between exporting from Max and assigning the new meshes. I also did start with a fresh clone between attempts - I've learned the hard way not to bother trying to resurrect packages with problems, its far less annoying to just delete the old ones, clone a fresh and start over!

Having started over again with my new design, I ran the whole business through Milkshape and the unimesh again and for reasons I can't fathom it now works! I've changed nothing between this attempt and the one that was crashing. Next time I'll keep the older versions as I re-try so I've got something to compare it to but atm it makes no sense at all!

Anyway, thanks Inge!

Inge Jones
6th Sep 2007, 4:09 PM
Hehe doesn't it just drive you insane at times? I had to start from scratch with my sunken bathtub about 6 times due to similar problems :)

Dr Pixel
10th Sep 2007, 6:46 AM
This has happened to me too.

Now I think it's often not really the new object at all that causes the crashing.

I think after messing around back and forth between SimPE, MilkShape, PSP, and whatever other tools you might be using the computer's memory simply gets clogged up and a crash is bound to happen. Of course, since you just put your new object into the game you will immediately assume it is the cause of the problem - but don't forget the game can (and does) sometimes crash for no apparent reason for everybody.

Before throwing out your new object next time, try my method.

If the new item seems to crash the game, I go into my Sims2 folder and delete all the cache files, and also the thumbnail files. Then I restart the computer and try again. In most cases this fixes the mysterious problem.