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  1. Blood bath (mudbath) option for vampires?
  2. Altering CC by inactive creators?
  3. Seduce interaction's animation (Jazz tuning).
  4. Editing wall texture and other question
  5. Is it possible to make custom whims?
  6. vocaloid cc
  7. Reference body sliders values.
  8. Reloading of resources/xml while sims 4 is running
  9. Mod to lower amount of Simoleons coming in...
  10. Same textures in defferent swatches
  11. Song Licensing Help
  12. How to create a mod to control the mood of a sim?
  13. Possible stairs idea.
  14. Maybe someone could help me...
  15. Problem with sims 4 package editor
  16. Create npc?
  17. Importing from other games
  18. Sims 4 - Need more Pregnant Interactions!
  19. I created a Sims 4 Butler MOD
  20. Need help figuring out why my rabbit hole mod doesnt work properly
  21. Want to update - Adoption Enhancer v2 by vitorpiresa
  22. Scumbumbo - Variable Default Relationships
  23. can't find a python method
  24. No Themed Bar Knights
  25. How to remove the "grainy filter" from paintings by reference?
  26. Appearance-changing clothes? Is it possible?
  27. Could anyone remake/fix packing crates?
  28. Adding additional branches to EA careers
  29. Need help to Add Child/Teen punishments to toddlers
  30. Mod Organizer for TS4?
  31. Sims 2 mod to sims 4 - can someone help me?
  32. [Resource/Tutorial] Editing DJ Booth Music
  33. Need Help/Guidance Creating Traits That React to Each Other
  34. I can't see my mods on Sims 4
  35. Problem with runing command from interaction
  36. Python stuff
  37. Mod Request\Help: Mute the DJ Booth
  38. Notepad++ PSA - Spacing and Indentations
  39. The Sims 4 Mod Constructor CAS trait animation help??
  40. Add CareerPickerRow
  41. TESTERS WANTED: Simulation Lag Fix update
  42. Help with custom aspiration?
  43. Default replacement object to stand-alone conversion
  44. Proof of Concept: Working elevators outside San Myshuno
  45. Proof of Concept: Xenopetrium on the Elemental Rack Display
  46. Accessing Base Python Files On A Mac / Creating Script Mods???
  47. The link for Fogity's Toolbox is down. Anyone have a new link?
  48. Flirting and kissing interactions
  49. Changing Work Hours
  50. Banking Mod Help
  51. Setting Exact Ages for Sims
  52. Is it possible to access the stats of the current player and display specific stats on screen?
  53. Go To Sleep Mod... Tips and Advice?
  54. How to add a chance to get a buff?
  55. Modding sims 4
  56. Help With Sims 4 Mod Constructor
  57. Custom Careers
  58. Praise toddler always available
  59. I made a name mod, but the townies are not using it.
  60. Converting debug items from TS3 to TS4. Need help.
  61. Expanding on transgender sims?
  62. Sims 4 Music modification
  63. Sims 3 mod conflictor
  64. Adding Custom Animation to Custom Interaction
  65. CC won't work for sims 4
  66. question about walkstyles
  67. Set specific times for social events to begin
  68. Help W/ Creating Trait
  69. What do you think, is it possible to create this kind of mod:
  70. Vampire Reflection.
  71. Request
  72. EA's Dec patch stopped harvestables from increasing in value, can someone please fix this?
  73. Attempting to create a neck thickness slider extension mod
  74. Can someone please update "Packing Crates" of Scumbumbo?
  75. More emotional deaths
  76. Interaction duration length
  77. Custom Easel Paints
  78. Help with XMLs and Vampire Age?
  79. Anska/Simtopia custom food/drink problem
  80. Can't Think of a Name (and could I post this mod)
  81. Gender in the Sims 4 and how can it be incorporated in modding? (Modding Discussion/Experimentation)
  82. Game is not reading my mods
  83. Why my mods doesn't show up in the game?
  84. Hard-coded age restriction?
  85. Fix for Marriage Proposal problem
  86. Help Creating Lamps, Please! Elvis Urgent
  87. [HELP Custom Food] No any actions and name not showing
  88. Making a career mod
  89. Mod to autoaccept calls to hangout etc?
  90. Hopping through "Start a Fire" interaction creation process
  91. Update an existing mod?
  92. Modifying The Sims 4 Object Stats
  93. Keep My Sims from Drowning
  94. What is injector.py?
  95. How to create custom tv shows and rename a tv station??
  96. Anyway to bring back Orphan only households?
  97. Create Custom Video Games?
  98. Sims 3 wands to Sims 4
  99. Sim_Info weirdness in social mixer interactions
  100. How do u make a Buff/trait loot a skin color?
  101. Custom Life States?
  102. OMSP Resizer for Sims 4
  103. How to make a custom buff
  104. Modding autonomy scores
  105. Creating custom videogames?
  106. Someone could update Teleport Any Sim Mod by scumbumbo??
  107. Issue with PYO, causes memory leak and crash
  108. Retail Fridge
  109. So has anyone thought about or made any Custom Lot Traits? Is it even Possible?
  110. Editing buffs through script modding
  111. Custom User Interface/Additions?
  112. moodlet/buff question and vampire tuning question
  113. (resolved) Can't get injector working
  114. Adding custom key-value data to the sim with Python
  115. Changing mood/emotion colors
  116. Adding a new motive / changing an existing one
  117. Python - How to force sim goto specific location?
  118. Making a Custom Skill.
  119. Reward Trait
  120. XML Tuning help
  121. My tutorials and modding tools
  122. questions about some game effect modifiers
  123. Spawning the unused pre-made City Living Sims
  124. Custom Social Interactions with XML tuning?
  125. Any Tutorials!???
  126. Death mod in Vampires
  127. Can't get String from hash of STBL file.
  128. Compatibility with Packs
  129. Ways to apply a trait to all sims?
  130. EP content (XML tuning) and compatibility with base game ?
  131. Vampire Pack - Bloodline Familytree possible?
  132. Custom career tutorial to date?
  133. Unable to contact moderator?
  134. Making a non-trait related/age-based buff?
  135. No fight effects ?
  136. Sim random generation
  137. Tuning Mod Help - Issue with Fem Elder in Accidental Pregnancy
  138. Xml tuning files from older patches downloadable?
  139. make a custom interaction inappropriate or embarrassing?
  140. Excluding certain life stages from using a trait?
  141. Adding interactions to a terrain via python script ? [SOLVED]
  142. Autonomous Repair right after an Object broke possible?
  143. Butler for massage therapist /Give butler high wellness skills/Make effective skill unlock interactions ?
  144. I want to change UI font in the game. Did anyone know how to do?
  145. help with my Mod
  146. Sims 3 Asylum Challenge BY: Lovley Simmer on Youtube
  147. Completely replacing TV channels..possible?
  148. Looking for the original (Sept 2014) Careers XML files
  149. Decreasing experience points per vampire actions
  150. Creating "Game Packs" or "Stuff Packs" via CC?
  151. Disable songs/lyrics from being able to publish again and again...
  152. Sick of EA'S crap textures, making massive override!
  153. Controlling sim actions via script
  154. More International Names
  155. Looking for testers: Mannequin per lot uncapper
  156. Mod Question
  157. Seperate Royalty tracker for writer
  158. Need help with modding - Slower Painting
  159. How can I create new aspirations for TS4?
  160. Remove the particle effect for the "Play" interaction with toddlers!
  161. I want to offer my help for mod translations
  162. Help Needed... for adding custom social interactions between sims.
  163. How to make sims pick dialog in Python?
  164. Smaller Censor / Mosaic
  165. No censor mod includes toddlers
  166. Child Sims Stretch and Float Using Teen+ Anims - How to Fix?
  167. Someone could update Zerbu's Turbo Careers and Go to School Mod?
  168. Add more traits Mod: How to show only personality traits in add/remove menu?
  169. How to make a consequense buff for a social interaction (Mod Constructor V2)
  170. I've updated plasticbox's "Teen Careers for All Ages"
  171. Death By Disease
  172. Produce a list of sims who are co-workers
  173. How to post my own game mod?
  174. XML Coding - How to code an objective checking for object in inventory
  175. Posture slider
  176. Mods to affect/add behaviors.
  177. Code samples?
  178. How to get sim names?
  179. How to edit Sims 4 animations from plugin?
  180. Illness mod?
  181. Sims 4 Teen Pregnancy Mod On Mac Version 1.10
  182. How do I mod?
  183. custom easel paintings?
  184. Issues Creating default models for all body frames. (male with female frame specifically)**Solved
  185. What happens if you delete old mods with traits and your Sims has them?
  186. Caspart tuning id ?
  187. To the creators, my bad
  188. Worlds Mod???!
  189. Alien Abduction XML Tuning
  190. Duplicating and modifying existing Maxis animations
  191. Atm Cards For Sale V2 For Sims 4 Dine Out
  192. I need help to create a new NPC for the streets of San Myshuno
  193. Brick driveways in front of WC lots?
  194. Modify default adult rig
  195. Need help replacing world meshes
  196. Mod to Stop Vendors from Yelling? Need Help
  197. How to get Trait object/class in Python?
  198. Overriding the "Command" decorator
  199. Questions Regarding 2-Sim Socials + Custom Interactions + Custom Animations...
  200. Getting a list of Townies/NPC
  201. Creating custom work uniforms
  202. Mannequin Tuning
  203. Can't find an icon
  204. City Living-edit apartment units
  205. Can't register at sims4studio.com!!! help?
  206. Pack test for custom interactions ?
  207. House Key mod?
  208. Need help with Skills tunning
  209. What exactly is Commodity/Needs Advertising?
  210. More than 4 aspiration tracks per category - CAS issues
  211. let's make and omega verse!!!
  212. Is it possible to modify an XML file without overriding the entire file?
  213. Made an OMSP, can't interact with it once it's invisible. Why?
  214. Custom potions
  215. Ideas on a custom trait
  216. BOND ressources for the Sims 4 clothes
  217. Custom Career
  218. TV Channel
  219. Notification icon ?
  220. The Sims 4 Custom Career
  221. Calling Remote Function in sim_info module. Syntax error?
  222. Sims 1 Walls & Floors for Sims 4?
  223. {SOLVED} Where do I upload updates to my own mod?
  224. New object classes
  225. Problem with image catalog
  226. Enabling super speed in speed 3 script mod
  227. Adding Custom Interactions to Food Objects
  228. How to update an outdated mod package?
  229. Extracting TV video files?
  230. Can we make custom careers in Sims 4.
  231. SIMS 4 Music ?! - How Does It Work?!
  232. Creating Club Activites
  233. How to replace a link to an animation file?
  234. Custon Object
  235. Make stepping on certain tiles and swimming in certain colored pools lethal?
  236. Converting a Sim into an NPC
  237. Modify moodlet value of filthy for Slob Sims, to avoid Uncomfortable state?
  238. Finding a new owner for my mod
  239. simple file request
  240. Creating mod for change a start time of working day for all careers (solved)
  241. Nudity reaction variety mod?
  242. TS3 accessory to TS4 tutorial?
  243. How to nest Pie menu categories in other categories?
  244. Brewing tea and coffee faster
  245. move baby burn
  246. Custom Paintings
  247. Creating something for the kids?
  248. Is there any way to stop NPCs from spawning during a party?
  249. Turning Contact Lenses into Genetics; Question
  250. Creating Custom Careers?