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  1. [Tutorial] Creating Custom Sunshadows Without TSRW
  2. [Case Study] TS4-to-TS3 Pants Conversion
  3. 4 Ways To Save Some Simoleons When Building Smaller Houses
  4. Tutorial: How to Default replace textures for one or all worlds
  5. Tutorial - Adding More Paintings to Sim Painted Paintings (not replacing)
  6. Tutorial - Replacing Sim Painted Paintings
  7. Tutorial:Simple Mesh Replacement in Blender
  8. Tutorial: How to convert clothes for teens
  9. Tutorial: Adding pie menu options to sims
  10. Eyebrow Tutorial
  11. [ZModeler3, VideoGuide] Modding the Sims3 CAS model in ZModeler3
  12. [Tutorial]: How to make a custom-color PlumbBob
  13. Tutorial: Easy STBL Editor
  14. Tutorial: Change layering on CAS clothing items
  15. Simple Meshing Guide 3Ds Max.
  16. Tutorial: Building Lots Over Water Without the Transparent Depth Effect
  17. Tutorial: Frankensteined Clothing in Seven (reasonably) Easy Steps
  18. Tutorial: Setting up Your Caw Framework for CC (with pictures!)
  19. Tutorial: Add a decoslot to a door or animated object
  20. Tutorial: Using Blender to Make Bonedeltas for Pet Sliders
  21. Tutorial: Adjusting Geostates in TSR Workshop
  22. Tutorial: Texturing Shells or large objects with TSRW
  23. Tutorial: Unlinking/setting up a NON castable object meshgroup(s) within TSRW
  24. Tutorial: Creating a Pet body shape slider
  25. CAS Picture Taking Tutorial
  26. Flagging a World as a City or Vacation Locale
  27. Cleaning the Global Layer
  28. Tutorial: Regional Markings
  29. Tutorial: Custom Pet Markings
  30. Complete Guide to Career Modding for Beginners! - Q & A Page
  31. Custom Distant Terrains: Would you like to make one too? Research and info here
  32. Using JAZZ and C# to make a non-default accessory for an object
  33. Tutorial: creating the perfect highway exit in CAW.
  34. Modding the Create-a-World Tool to Unlock Hidden Features [A.K.A. 'SuperCAW']
  35. Tutorial: Creating Bumpmaps (Normal Maps) for TS3
  36. CAW resource packaging routines
  37. Ouerbacker's how to paint dry seaside terrain
  38. CAW and Sims 3 Version Mismatch Work-Around
  39. Tutorial: Creating An End Table In Blender 2.5 Part 1-2
  40. Tutorial: Creating a shadowmesh
  41. Modding objects to show up in CAW Metadata
  42. Tutorial: Adding Water Planes (For Custom Lakes or Rivers)
  43. Fool-proof facial sculpting without CC - Rules of thumb for self-practice!
  44. Tutorial - Converting Skirts For Dudes
  45. Combining CAW Buildings and In-Game Lots (Tutorial)
  46. Creating a Bone-Based Custom Slider
  47. Tutorial: Transparent clothing meshes
  48. Tutorial: Driveways in CAW - How to Make Them
  49. Tutorial - Precise Terrain Elevation in CAW
  50. Sculpting Cliffs tutorial. (more sculpting and CAW tutorials to come)
  51. Tutorial: Making an Animation Sequence "Custom Animation" For Cmo's Animation/Pose Player
  52. Tutorial: Creating body hair with GIMP and Hairinator
  53. Tutorial: Add the lod3_1 in CTU packages(add a meshgroup to outfits)
  54. Lazy Terrain Painting
  55. Complete pose making tutorial for beginners
  56. CAW not running or running slowly? EIG not launching?
  57. Tutorial: Basics on sim-routing in Create a world-tool
  58. Tutorial: Creating S3 Custom Poses with Milkshape or Blender
  59. [Tutorial] Repository Technique
  60. Start to Finish TS2 to TS3 Object Conversion Tutorial
  61. Morphs Made (Stupidly) Easy - MorphMangle and MorphMaker!
  62. Tools for browsing and decompiling .NET/MONO assemblies
  63. Tutorial: Bake a Multiplier For S3 Objects & Save As DDS Using Blender- For Milkshape Users Updated 10/27
  64. Tutorial - How to Bake(Multiplier) Objects Using Blender 3D
  65. Tutorial: Sims 3 Object Modding
  66. Tutorial: Sims 3 Localized Coding
  67. Tutorial: Sims 3 Core Modding Basics
  68. Tutorial: Making Sims in TS3
  69. Tutorial: Creating a Mountain River Valley in Photoshop
  70. Tutorial: Converting an image for tattoos using Tattooinator convert
  71. Tutorial: Creating accessories
  72. Creating Duplicates of a World
  73. Terrain Painting Tips
  74. Importing Objects from one world into another
  75. Tutorial: Creating lod2/3 from lod1 GEOM using Milkshape's direct x Tool
  76. [Tutorial] Catalog Reorganization & Hiders
  77. Tutorial: Setting up Blender 2.5 for TS3 Object Creating
  78. Tutorial: Making new non-core Liftime Wishes
  79. Tutorial: Texturing Using the Smudge Tool
  80. Tutorial: Sims 3 Pure Scripting Modding
  81. Tutorial: Designer Rugs
  82. [Tutorial] Ambitions Tattoos for Dummies with Adobe Photoshop CS4 or CS5 and Tattoinator by CmarNYC
  83. Tutorial - Fun With Alpha Accessories
  84. Tutorial: Creating a color tattoo with PaintShop Pro, Gimp and Tattooinator
  85. Tutorial: How to Fix Transparency Issues in Hairs
  86. Cloning EP (or custom) content with CTU (and S3PE)
  87. Resources: Template body, face and scalp meshes (all morphs), plus skintones (for texture mapping)
  88. Tutorial: Creating a color tattoo with GIMP and Tattooinator
  89. Tutorial: Converting sims 2 bodymeshes to sims 3/ Bone and armfix
  90. Creating Default Replacements with CTU
  91. Q&D Slot Tutorial
  92. Tip tutorial: Save as .package in TSR Workshop
  93. Tutorial: Wes H his Merge tools explained and how to use them to create a pregnant morph
  94. Clothing meshing for dummies
  95. CTU Tutorial: Body meshing with Milkshape: Toddler Frankenstein.
  96. Tutorial: Creating and Coloring Glass Texture in Sims 3
  97. Tutorial: Creating Custom Sims 3 Fully Functional TV Channels! (With your own video clip, sync'd audio!)
  98. Tutorial: How To Create A Proper Control Texture For Hairs
  99. MiniTutorial - Enabling Patterns (1 pattern to 3 patterns)
  100. Dirt Roads in CAW, simple, easy, and looks good!
  101. Tutorial: Creating a custom bodymeshpackage
  102. Tutorial: Change EA Painting Image - For Those New to S3 Object Modification-Read the bold print
  103. [Tutorial] Creating Custom Thumbnails
  104. TUTORIAL: All About Skins Adding skintones plus sliders and replacing default sliders
  105. [Howto] [RFC] UV-mapping an .obj for TS3 (blender 2.46)
  106. Adding a Custom Water Color (or sky colors, sun sizes, etc) to your world. (Somewhat advanced Tutorial)
  107. TUTORIAL: Using altered INI files to create a world with custom water colors, sky colors, etc!
  108. Simple TS3 CAS Texture Tutorial for MAC USERS and IDIOTS.
  109. Tutorial: Creating a Volcanic Island Heightmap using Photoshop
  110. TUTORIAL: Non-Default Skin Colors and More (a.k.a. TONE Files)
  111. [Tutorial] Changing an Objects Footprint
  112. Tutorial: How to do lipstick for Sims3!
  113. Tutorial: Adding a pregnant morph (and more)
  114. Tutorial: Making a geom-based face slider
  115. Tutorial: Creating Paintings with Multiple Images pt. 2 - Changing the Default Patterns
  116. Tutorial: Creating Paintings with Multiple Images
  117. Turning game animations into AVI files
  118. Tutorial: Step-by-step Start-to-Finish HowTo mesh guide for TS3
  119. Tutorial: A Beginners Guide on How to Mesh for The Sims 3, From Start to Finish (inc. pics)
  120. Tutorial: Meshing Objects in TS3 [OUTDATED]
  121. [Tutorial] Changing Pattern Categories
  122. Mini-Tutorial: linking stairs, railings, and fences
  123. TUTORIAL: Object Modding (aka adding interactions) - UPDATE 1/17/10
  124. Tutorial: Clone A Painting And Change The Texture (now wikified) - OUTDATED
  125. Tutorial - How to create Custom Non-Replacement Eyes with CTU
  126. Tutorial: Creating/Editing RGB Masks
  127. Tutorial: Creating New Base Textures
  128. Tutorial: Adding Clothing to a Category (for beginners)
  129. TUTORIAL: Core Modding! (For complete and total nincompoops, like me!)
  130. Tutorial - Default Replacement Eyes, Plus Changing The Whites (Image Heavy)
  131. Tutorial - Creating Default Replacement Skintones for TS3
  132. Tutorial: Sims 3 XML Tuning Modding
  133. Tutorial: Creating Clothing Stencils
  134. Tutorial - How to Change Career Names/Job descriptions! - OUTDATED
  135. Italian Pattern Creation Tutorial - Tutorial per creare Pattern in italiano
  136. Some Observations about Decal Patterns
  137. Italian traduction of the Tutorial:Separating patterns without vectors
  138. French traduction of the Custom pattern tutorial
  139. Tutorial: A Fast Way to Create Patterns
  140. TUTORIAL: Four-Color Patterns In Paint Shop Pro 9~Graphic Intensive!
  141. Tutorial: How To Make A Simple Texture Replacement
  142. Making Patterns Using Psp
  143. Italian Translation of the Custom Pattern Tutorial
  144. German Translation of the Custom Pattern Tutorial
  145. Separating patterns without vectors
  146. Creating Sims 3 Custom Patterns: Tutorial Q&A Thread