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  1. Duplicated Patterns?
  2. Interaction/Pie Menu Lag After Installing Sims3Packs
  3. Just want to know what caused my game to crash from this xcpt file
  4. Facebook script error
  5. UI goes wonky
  6. Trouble with colors in CAS.
  7. Game lagging extremely badly with AM
  8. Sculpture (2)
  9. Why are my Sims losing money?
  10. Some CC(clothes) showing up with missing textures and mis-shapen?
  11. Game crashes after finishing in CAS
  12. Problems with furniture in TSRW HEEEEELP
  13. CC Magic version 2732 download?
  14. Haven't played in awhile and I get this message about my mods and game version on startup
  15. My Game is Blocked From Accessing Graphics Hardware
  16. Script mods and packages not showing up in my game?
  17. How to let sims live without my intervention
  18. University: Sim keeps getting party wishes long after party ends
  19. Question regarding mods
  20. Is This Possible?: Library Files: How To ID The Cryptic Coded Files?
  21. I can see inside of my neighbor's home.Is there a fix for this?
  22. Please help I am about to cry, my sims 3 is not working...
  23. Unrecognized graphics card, need help editing GraphicsRule.sgr
  24. Is there a way around the "could not import all resources" pop-up with s3pe {solved} - u -
  25. Red pool windows
  26. my sims3pack installation woes
  27. CCMagic Crashing?
  28. Lunar Lakes - objects that came with the world are "replaced" everywhere
  29. Frozen at second loading screen on one save file. (Yes, I have searched, read and implemented many known solutions. Still doesn't work.) Help!!
  30. Moving save files to new game on same computer
  31. Eternally Missing Work
  32. Need help with the store fixes
  33. Custom Patterns Conflict
  34. How to use the multiple makeup feature with master controller
  35. What does the Store Content's set file do?
  36. CAW: Same world, new name, save as, crash {solved}
  37. <SOLVED> Default skin replacements not showing up in-game, only in CAS.
  38. Naughty Reptuation
  39. Missing floor...foundation..no support {whoops! Solved}
  40. Origin Download speeds are going insane.
  41. Use the last sims 3 installing after formatting win 7 to win 10
  42. How can I see other's room in the Apartment?(answered)
  43. <SOLVED> "You Are Real" Default Skin Replacer not showing up in game
  44. Invisible Spawners
  45. Putting a custom world into the game??
  46. CAW crashes upon saving ONLY after I add a lot
  47. My non script mods wont show up in my game
  48. Game Keeps Crashing. Is it cause of windows 10?
  49. Werewolves won't hunt as pack
  50. Problem with .dbc files
  51. The Sims 3 - Family Tree - "Disowned" Triplet Issue
  52. I have question about shower, tub and 1 bath (Ba) and 1.5 bath (ba).
  53. My sim can't interact with the ghost on her lot?
  54. Help my package file icons have changed to explorer files
  55. CAW Options
  56. Need Urgent Help
  57. Pro Bar Staff
  58. Which laptop would be more suitable for Sims 3?
  59. Only few package files showing in my game
  60. Strangers keep entering my house
  61. Help stop the butterfly Spawning!
  62. TS3/ unable to open .package files within the launcher
  63. Pack Files Don't Appear In Game?*SOLVED*
  64. Store content won't install
  65. Game crashes
  66. troubles with mods and the game
  67. Installing eps out of order?
  68. Sims 3 is lagging on my PC, How do I improve my board?
  69. resource.cfg file
  70. Deviceconfig.log empty... help?
  71. My Sim Disappears/Becomes Invisible?
  72. New to Sims 3, can't find a solution to hairs on CAS
  73. Opportunities won't be fulfilled...?
  74. What happens when an active sim graduates before another active sim?
  75. Screenshots not saving.
  76. Will Sims 3 run properly on my new planned computer?
  77. Control Key
  78. Sim Icon Disappeared
  79. Tips to finally manage to play
  80. Graphics issue: Tiny UI?
  81. Does CC pack with the world?
  82. Looking for FPS Limiter for Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
  83. Can't attend uni after adding+removing custom world
  84. GTX 980 Ti don't apply Nvidia color profile to Sims 3 full screen mode
  85. Enabling fullscreen mode causes black screen?
  86. Transferred to a new computer, select lots I created not appearing in game??
  87. user folder on Install patition
  88. How Do I Install Mods?
  89. Quick Question,Is it possible to install CC onto a flashdrive,Then install it on the computer?
  90. Sims 3 looks funny with my graphics card geforce gtx 1050 ti
  91. Animals walking backwards and Sims not going to the correct rooms
  92. I created a new mods folder after deleting it and none of my mods are showing up in my game!
  93. Unable to start game (Service initialization error)
  94. Outfitslock.unlock Error?
  95. Corrupt Mods??
  96. Sims 3 Crashing randomly at Save or at Save and Quit with "Acces Violation" as the cause
  97. CC Magic Question for Initial Use
  98. Do I need to delete my mods before installing an expansion pack?
  99. Broken Save File
  100. Very Specific Problem (Professional Series Kitchen Counter Island)
  101. Toddlers won't learn...well, its toddler skills!
  102. "The Sims 3 has stopped working" HELP??
  103. {Help?}How do I go about making my CAS Sims into NPCs/Townies?
  104. Help! I have an error!!!
  105. Routing issues with the bakers station and wood oven {solved}
  106. [SOLVED] Can't transfigure items
  107. Glitch when My sim turn in a Werewolf
  108. Can't start a new save at all?
  109. Map tags disappearing when placing lots from Library
  110. How do I reset my town?
  111. some files will not extract (with 7xz or winrar); says files are currupt
  112. Black screen, then crash
  113. NRAAS - Everyone Coupling Up
  114. Problem with .package mods.
  115. Pls Help!
  116. What More Can I Do to Prevent My Sims3 Game from Freezing?!
  117. Black Rectangle Glitch on Pool Bar?
  118. Bugged elevators on community lot; replacing them causes routing errors and CTD
  119. How to make game remember that you set front lot?
  120. World with saves that are immediately unplayable {solved}
  121. SOLVED: Fire Glitch
  122. Am I too stupid for Origin?
  123. Recent issue with stylist career and no collectibles
  124. Trying To Get Sims3 To Recognize My NVIDIA Graphics Card.
  125. Mods folder completely dissapeared
  126. CC Worlds and store worlds not showing up in the launcher
  127. Wall speakers on community lot each playing different song
  128. Weird shadow above Slippery Elm tree
  129. no sims/panels upon starting family
  130. Shiny Plumbot Glitch
  131. .Sims3Pack to .PMD/.PMX conversion?
  132. The infamous Error 12
  133. Having trobules with .package files specifically.
  134. Installing multiple sims that use custom content?
  135. CC Houses disappears when placed on lot in: EDIT TOWN
  136. Pose Player not all interactions are showing
  137. Story Progression
  138. Weatherstone Creation, Repetitive Moodlets, Can't order drinks, lots of other stuff.
  139. Unable to download Riverview
  140. Neighborhood puppies up for adoption disappearing from game
  141. Launcher can't tell an item is already installed?
  142. Resource.cfg for certain patch?
  143. Lot description stuck in upper right corner {solved kinda}
  144. Rabbit holes too attractive. Causing empty lots.
  145. Horse Breeding + Now Dogs (Is this a bug?)
  146. Crashing at loading screen
  147. Bird stops eating and eventually dies
  148. Trees Everywhere!
  149. onedrive and sims 3 issue
  150. Family Tree Breaks Upon Travelling
  151. Overheating GPU
  152. Installing Lots And Worlds As Package Files??
  153. Sims 3 skins make game crash!
  154. Default skin replacement not showing up in townies
  155. Is it possible to see LN metals or gems in Consignment Store?
  156. can't make kids stop hating mom HELP PLEASE!!!!
  157. Weird Memory Situation
  158. Sims 3 - Setting Gnomes
  159. Merged CC will NOT show up!
  160. Took out all the downloads and I STILL have Bad CC
  161. Merged CC not showing up
  162. World Corruption Inquiry
  163. Can't play with pets
  164. Disappearing social interactions
  165. How to Enable NPC's in Non-Active Households to Clean and Repair their Homes? (NRAAS mods context)
  166. Weird Red Texture Glitch?
  167. Cane
  168. Help undoing a command line that makes my game unopenable?
  169. Sims 3 will not install
  170. Everything gone, i have the folders can i get it back
  171. How to download Lemon Leaf's Custom Content?
  172. Late Night Building Shells
  173. Relationship between Worlds?
  174. I can't install Sims3Pack, it just doesnt install
  175. Does TS3 properly support 21:9 aspect ratio aka. "ultrawide" ?
  176. .packages and mods will not upload (I have literally tried everything and i've listed them)
  177. Multiple Glitches Leading To Blocky Sims?
  178. EIG Controls show up black
  179. Sim's child missing
  180. Dark screencapture/video recording in fullscreen mode
  181. ***cannot Use Mods Or Cc Please Assist***
  182. Fraps not working
  183. Thumbnail problems
  184. nevermind
  185. My Store Content Wont Install
  186. [FIXED] Certain Sim won't upload on The Exchange while others do
  187. My CAW says there is a serious error while loading my world when I say it should edit in the game?
  188. Need help getting my game to recognize my graphics card
  189. Lag and freezing in Bridgeport
  190. [FIXED] Launcher's Welcome tab is blank and I can't log in
  191. My TS3 CAS is possessed by a hair poltergeist
  192. Missing scalp problem
  193. How to make sims packs?
  194. Are my mods causing lag?
  195. Steam and Origin together
  196. My Sim Cant Look For Adventures In France
  197. Petsitter
  198. My dog is prioritizing various other activies and starving herself!
  199. Rain drops aren't falling from roof anymore?
  200. Adult sims cannot use phone/laptop/editworld
  201. I've made items disappear by mistake
  202. Could having too much custom content be the reason my game won't load travel destinations and university?
  203. Black screen before "loading"
  204. My Sim's Job Performance Wont Increase
  205. Editing family tree on dead sims?
  206. How do I further lower my sim's mouth height?
  207. ZIP or RAR folders in the Mods folder
  208. Strong Computer, horrible lag.
  209. My Game is Blocked From Accessing Graphics Hardware, even after reinstall
  210. A couple of expansion packs are not showing up in the sims 3 launcher
  211. Invisible wall/roof on second floor [SOLVED]
  212. Lottery in ITF
  213. Game music changes volume on its own, muting/adjusting slider in options does not work
  214. PETS not working.
  215. Pets Transparent??(Nrass)
  216. How Do I Reinstall The Sims 3
  217. my mods won't work
  218. Unremoveable column thingies on Late Night lot
  219. End pieces of fences not rendering properly
  220. I Can't Control my Sims after Returning from France
  221. Island Paradise won't install?
  222. My Sim is Still Gaining Weight while Needs are Statistic
  223. Is this some sort of screen tearing issue?
  224. Eye defaults and mod conflicts?
  225. my sims 3 game is running laggy and freezing up. help?
  226. Game wont open and crashes (im bad at writing titles)
  227. Dude, Where Is My Pizza?
  228. Game Freezes when Sims Trying to Write
  229. Possible bug with the terrain
  230. Radeon(TM) RX 460 Graphics not sure if game uses this or integrated
  231. My sims cant get anywhere on time in Bridgeport
  232. Game keeps on loading after buydebug
  233. How do I have another lifetime wish when i have already completed one???
  234. A mod to fix a in-game problem?
  235. Game doesn't recognize AMD Radeon R6 graphics card?
  236. Integrated & Dedicated Graphics Issue
  237. The game is saying that I can't edit or remove objects outside of my unit on a house lot.
  238. Reinstalled all my .sims3 files but then--!
  239. My seasons are messed up
  240. Crash error when loading CAW world in game
  241. Not Being Able to Use Certain Mods Regardless of Game Not Crashing
  242. Umbrella Question
  243. Launcher crashing upon loading
  244. resource is a notepad
  245. CC and mods dont work
  246. The Sims 3 CC problem
  247. My sims 3 can read custom content but not the package kind of files?
  248. Extracting content from a save file
  249. Sims 3 sliders suddenly glitching
  250. Combining an already merged package file?