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  1. Game crash because of my CC?
  2. Hot Tub = Bath Tub?
  3. Changing the type of enthusiasm given by a decorative CC object
  4. Making reflective glass?
  5. Animate sim question?
  6. Changing language?
  7. How to make a statue from a body mesh?
  8. Enumerate Objects of a type
  9. Grilled cheese buffet - How to satisfy GC wants?
  10. SimPE Clone option "Fix Cloned Files (by wes_h)"
  11. make a object "siminvisible"
  12. making an object sellable
  13. College issues
  14. Window issue!
  15. Messing with the BV food stands
  16. Changing cloned table to desk?
  17. How Do I Find A Texture?
  18. Help, with slot placement
  19. Combining meshes in one object
  20. Importing semi globals for changing wall adjacency
  21. Indoor Flamingos
  22. AniMesh Exporter not Working as Intended
  23. Own Sim Burglar
  24. New Attributes - Initial Value
  25. Blinking multi-colored light...possible?
  26. Base Game Compatibility
  27. How can I make a sim move forward during an animation?
  28. Double doors do not close on both sides SOLVED
  29. How to disable a piece of the cres?
  30. Add Interest and Skills and Different Fun Levels
  31. How would I learn how to make these mods?
  32. Change placement of tv
  33. Reaveal hidden objects on lot?
  34. CT walk to Lot
  35. Make crib usable by infants only...
  36. Set to Next - Verify Stack Object
  37. How to make recolourable an object ?
  38. What Makes An Object Fade?
  39. Create New Instruments with new sounds for new Band songs
  40. Help... With CRES
  41. Create a statue from a body mesh
  42. Altering chair height
  43. Lamp problem
  44. How Do I Interact With Anything Beyond These Glass Door Objects?
  45. Getting my global mod to work?
  46. Changing the picture onthe lot loading screen
  47. How Do You Make An Object Go Down With The Wall?
  48. [solved]Changeing The Texture Via Bhav's
  49. Need help with modding aspiration
  50. repositioning the pie menu
  51. [Solved] Need help with autonomy issues - Much Needed
  52. Cloning Rugs
  53. Transform a painting into a mirror ?
  54. How to translate hacked objects in other language?
  55. Resize a object?
  56. [Solved] Lock function custom gates
  57. [Solved] How to change a floor mirror's Environment score?
  58. [Solved] Removing a sound effect?
  59. Questions on Best Practice for versioning
  60. Diagnosis help requested
  61. Can you....
  62. lights
  63. how to add new animations for a car....
  64. Surface Placement, Lighting, Animated Textures & TV's (Solved + useful Resource)
  65. Making a community object appear on residential lots
  66. Sofa ? - Another slot question.
  67. Editing Resources and Adding Private Strings to PJSE
  68. Craftable potions?
  69. Job Seeking Noticeboard - Translation help required
  70. Adding Slots to a desk?
  71. How to delete an Interaction?
  72. please can you tell me where i can create stuff please
  73. Please Help With Apartment Life Backwards Garage - Darkening Issues
  74. Create food
  75. Can you point me to the right tutorial?
  76. Cloning a slave object - AIM: no longer a slave
  77. What controls object placement?
  78. Could someone help me with this modding problem????
  79. Slave object crashes game
  80. Correcting EnvCube textures seam visible in Game
  81. Strange things with my game...
  82. How do I clone a driveway?
  83. Neighborhood vehicle default replacements
  84. I'm new to creating objects. Never done it before. Help please!
  85. Harvestable Grapes don't properly Harvest
  86. Food - Configuring when!
  87. Modifying Object Animation with Dual Sims
  88. Can`t Find Tutorial: Camera Hacking
  89. Question about my new object in neighborhood view...
  90. SimPe problems
  91. Question on footprints/instance numbers
  92. Grabing all of an item from objects package
  93. need help with door axis/joint position
  94. Quick question about routing slots on my wall shelf
  95. Help a dunce retain animation?
  96. How to convert a sculpture in a wall hanging object?
  97. what makes this spin??
  98. Transparent Carrer Icon Backround
  99. how do I change the footprint of a wall hanging?
  100. how do I change the catalog price without cloning?
  101. StdMatAlphaTestEnabled - Resource use?
  102. Help needed with custom remote control car!
  103. How to change energy & comfort for bed?
  104. Animated Mouse
  105. Tutorial: Custom Fences How To.
  106. Can a non-EP stove be modded to have an NPC cook use it?
  107. Roof Questions?
  108. Help with my object creations
  109. Custom Games?
  110. "-Interaction - Wash Clothes", what is the problem ?
  111. Repository a slave to multiple masters? Is it possible?
  112. Need Help Updating Custom Changing Booth for BV
  113. Maxis Master/Slave objects - how to know... {SOLVED}
  114. Preload body overlay ???
  115. Custom bhav problem amd autonomy issues
  116. mirror with light?
  117. Adding joints
  118. Very Short Translations Required
  119. Object placement for base game compatible objects
  120. Learning to modify the walkpath for columns
  121. End table question
  122. Warning about modding with Sims 2 Store Edition Installed!
  123. Translation value missing
  124. Repository Counter Problems
  125. Floors that can be seen from underneath?
  126. Linking a recolor to multiple objects and recolors without a TXTR
  127. linking a custom controller to a custom video game system
  128. How do I add Slots?
  129. Replacing the maxis game simulator controllers
  130. ok, I feel stupid. Now my video game system is invisible.
  131. simPE isn't accepting larger textures....huh?
  132. Bed for kids only
  133. Makeing an object non-walkthroughable
  134. Adding BHAV features to a computer (I broke it good this time)
  135. Need help with in hand objects
  136. Blue thumbnails
  137. Dog Breed Help
  138. Problems with my MAXIS cloned fence (solved)
  139. How to edit light patterns?? ( Solved)
  140. making non-buyable onjecys from BV buyable..how? (cant find TUT)
  141. Package Resource Graph, Suggestions/info wanted!
  142. Freetime Genie...
  143. A very minor problem, but it's driving me crazy
  144. I need some feedback on a few things
  145. Multiple CRES' w/Slots, etc?
  146. where to set "fill the sim wants"
  147. Prevent object names from showing up
  148. How to Change the required cooking skills and the categories of food.
  149. BHAV: Linked 2 objects ?
  150. Will the *new* Freetime patch affect modding tools?
  151. Can doors be made to only open in one direction?
  152. Interaction Queue : How to get diiferent result ?
  153. Fixing maxis lamp effects
  154. Simpe
  155. Is This possible? Sofa mesh question.
  156. Error Code
  157. Can objects and walls/floors have bump maps?
  158. BHAV: "Autonomous" actions ?
  159. Adding Bookcase Fuctions to a Decorative Object?
  160. Cloning the restorable car?
  161. How To Animate
  162. Oh, holy cow .. this works!? Recolours without textures
  163. Need help with a New Driveway
  164. Problem with Pie Menu!
  165. A question about the Servo object and its function
  166. Visitors
  167. Swapping meshes???
  168. Second "texture" for diagonals?
  169. basegame compatible objects for OFB shelves?
  170. Neighborhood Object In Need Of Adjustment
  171. How to make an object made in Blender useable in Sims 2?
  172. Outdoor sunlight inside
  173. Cloned bed--I'd like to change the comfort, energy, environment levels
  174. Can I make a child sized Guitar?
  175. Need help replacing LGHT files
  176. Making an object viewable in neighborhood
  177. BHAV for fat sim
  178. How to make round walls and or fences?
  179. BHAV change materiel question
  180. Cloning the money tree
  181. Confused, as usual. Transplanting animations?
  182. Need help with creating, never done so before.
  183. How to update Tree/Shrubs to be snow covered.
  184. how can I make glass walls?
  185. Problem with cloned fence
  186. How to make an object "spreadable" ?
  187. help with chair
  188. Combining CRES Files?
  189. How do you change the width of the animated falling water in a fountain?
  190. Wonky Phone Handset
  191. Cell Phone
  192. "Not Designable" Object
  193. Oops! "Mislaid" The modularstairs.txt File!
  194. creating food/juice
  195. Windows at night!
  196. stdMatAlphaBlendMode - additive
  197. Altering a vanishing object
  198. changing windows lighting space?
  199. Joint and Placement Issues - New Stove Mesh
  200. Change the fish swimming place
  201. Unlocking Objects
  202. Skilling objects- Is there a way to adjust which skill is affected?
  203. Board Game pieces
  204. Eyedropper tool in the catalog
  205. A question on greenhouses
  206. Help Needed**How to add pie menu to object**
  207. Ceiling Lamps
  208. Extracting food(custom item)
  209. Cloning O4B stackable shelves (Fixed!)
  210. Is this possible?
  211. Updating cookers for eps....
  212. Can I create the dancer item like the SIMS House party
  213. Fireplace Script help
  214. Sink in Counter
  215. Can I create the fan or aircondition?
  216. Changing price
  217. Sims Cannot "Walk Through Tiles"
  218. need my sim to pick up my object
  219. Object 'Tiles/Square' Placement
  220. Help needed with wallwindow for roof
  221. Animation for my sims
  222. object lighting mess
  223. indoor vs outdoor placement
  224. Objects which also shows in neighborhood view
  225. Custom Easel with Custom Paintings?
  226. New mesh for chessboard- I can't get my sims to interact with it
  227. Help with Pose Stand
  228. Is it possible to...
  229. SimPE New release coming?
  230. Changing the Behavior/Effects of the Nightlife Coffin?
  231. Barstool Oddness!
  232. Frustrated...
  233. Walking Through Objects?
  234. 2 problems in my objects
  235. I need some help
  236. 2 tile placement
  237. horses???
  238. Cloning the Maxis video game console
  239. help im trying to make working handcuffs
  240. Person Spesific doors
  241. Help Clone a Game Rack
  242. 2 questions [found] answer
  243. extracting objects
  244. Free Animation Program
  245. Custom Sky - Sun/Moon/Clouds/ can it be made more realistic?
  246. Are Slot Machine Outcomes Possible?
  247. Looking to make a non-OFB invisible magisplay tray type thing
  248. How can i change tile repeat?-SOLVED-
  249. how to clone mirrors?
  250. New recolorable subset on stove