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  1. Help needed with adding a new subset
  2. Recolours of a new object (arch) not visible in the game
  3. Window Problems
  4. There's a cat in my dog display case!
  5. New mesh (loveseat) not showing up in the game
  6. Shadow Problem ?
  7. Invisible subset should be visible
  8. Recolours For My Custom Made Object Don't Show In The Game
  9. "Curtain" - Import Error (Index) and Diagonal Linking Issues
  10. Shadow problem
  11. Bed mesh not showing up
  12. Unvanted recolors! How to delete them?
  13. Partially invisible mesh. Please help
  14. litterbox missing bag and shovel during cleaning
  15. Bed Frame Texture problem...
  16. The recolors that I make for my object don't show up in the game!
  17. Counter mesh reverting when sink is placed
  18. Shadow Problem with Counters
  19. toddler bed texture will not work
  20. blurry textures !
  21. Texture placement issues, stretching and blurriness
  22. Further Problems around - Catalogue images
  23. Sims walk through closed door / door will not opened
  24. Mesh Not Showing In-Game
  25. "Maxis Drumset Mapping Correction"- working, problem solved
  26. Sims can not eat on table when deco is placed there
  27. My new mesh is not designable?
  28. My door is halway into the wall! And another problem....
  29. lit, unlit lamp textures problem
  30. Desk with glass help
  31. i need a phone repair
  32. help me texture my new obj pics and file attatched
  33. Help with cloning the RC car
  34. Pie menu hard to activate on new buffet.
  35. Buy Mode Icon Problem
  36. My witch hat is missing its Shadow
  37. Faulty Fence
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